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Good Story and Characters

Believe - Katie Delahanty

Amanda/Boots was going to her cousin/ best friend Liv’s wedding she was to be maid of honor the wedding was in South Africa. Amanda is going into her five year residency and wants to be a plastic surgeon. Amanda has wanted to be a doctor since she was thirteen and her dad was a doctor also and he told her not to lose focus for any reason. Amanda leaves NYC to go to the wedding and Mark is the best man who is the bass player for Berkley and the Bright Side but also the lead for a new band- Coconut Teazer. Liv is marrying Berkley and he is a big celebrity so they are trying to keep the wedding secret. Amanda and Mark hook up over the wedding weekend. Even though both Mark and Amanda tried to fight their attraction at first. Amanda has a problem at work and starts wondering if she really is following the right road. Mark suggests she come on a trip with him and the band and figure things out.

This was a very good read. A doctor and a rock star hmmmmm guess opposites do attract. Well in this story at least they do. But one thing that bothered me is Amanda ran away from Mark too often and Mark kept taking her back. I understand she was a little insecure since Mark could get any woman he wanted but either be with him or don’t. I feel this story could have been a little shorter although I did really enjoy it. The story was really sweet. I liked the opposites thing been there done that but don’t regret that . this book did pull me in almost from the beginning and it kept my attention. I liked how Amanda was a strong individual. I also liked how Mark wanted a  new band to get rid of some of the fame he already had. I liked the characters a lot and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.