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Good Story and Characters

The Billionaire Next Door (Billionaire Bad Boys) - Jessica Lemmon

Rachel had to tell her parents she had resigned from her marketing job at the design firm when Shaun took credit for her work. She also moved out of their apartment and took a job as a at the Andromeda Club. Rachel had been with Shaun two years . Rachel had a regular at the bar named Oliver he always ate the same sandwich every week and had a soda he never drank alcohol. Rachel was going to to take care of Oliver’s apartment and his Great Dane- Adonis while Oliver went to Japan for a month. One night Oliver and Rachel got talking while he had his sandwich and she mentioned how her roommate wasn’t working out and she needed to find a new place to live. Bree was Rachel's roommate and coworker and they really liked each other they problem was Bree was newly engaged and her fiance moved in and three's a crowd. Oliver lived in a very upscale apartment and Rachel felt she was living in luxury for the month. Tags older brother was Reese and he was the CEO for Crane Hotels and neither man was was fond of their board of directors. Tag’s baby was Guest and Restaurant Services. Tag liked doing things his way which consisted of mainly  two things his gut and people. Tags ;lifestyle consisted of freedom and flexibility and he traveled a lot so Tag went out with women but didn’t do relationships but stopped seeing the women in such a way that the still liked Tag after they stopped seeing each other. Tag was trying to do some work at home as that is where he usually worked and Adonis was really making a ruckus. Tag went down to Oliver’s apartment but no one answered his knocking. The next morning he went to talk to Oliver and Rachel answered the door obviously just woke up. Then Rachel took Tag for the dog walker and then Tag let her know he wasn't the dog walker but a neighbor who worked from home.Then Adonis tugged his leash and Rachel went right up against Tag. Then Tag waited down in the lobby when Rachel came down to tag Adonis for his walk. And she totally enhanced Tag as he also felt a sharp stab of attraction to Tag also knew Rachel was attracted to him but she was fighting the attraction. Tag’s best friend was Lucas and was surprised how Tag was intrigued by Rachel. Tag and Lucas had met in HS and had been friends almost twelve years. Next day Tag showed up with a bag full of things for dogs and a book on dogs but her figured Adonis didn’t know Rachel that well and missed Oliver. Rachel was afraid of her attraction to Tag as Shaun had told her she was frigid and and not good at sex.

This was a very good  easy read even if you can pretty much figure out what is going to happen. But that is okay there are a few small twists to it also. But it was a very good romance and I enjoyed it. I loved how Rachel had to find her real self again and Tag had to learn some hard truths about himself. I also liked how the two brother s - Reese and Tag- are there for there injured brother and determined to pull Eli through a very hard time. I loved the plot and characters. I also really enjoyed the ins and outs of this story. I recommend.