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The Mirror Sisters - V.C. Andrews

Haylee and Kaylee were identical twins and their mom made sure everything they had : clothes, shoes, toys, and books came in twos. No One was allowed to give the girls individual presents everything had to be in twos or it was gotten rid of. Even their father had to follow that or his gift disappeared usually he took the gift back and her secretary went out and bought two.Their father occasionally tried to fight with his wife - Kari but she just got really mad and it did no good so he retreated so he could have his peace that he looked forward to when at home.As the girls grew older Kaylee seemed to hate being an identical twin and let Kaylee know it when no one was around to hear her. She even threatened Kaylee with cutting Kaylee’s face so they would look different. Keri learned how to homeschool so her precious or girl- as she acted as they were one at times. She didn’t want her girl out in the cruel world and the biggest crime would not be standing up and protecting the other twin or to tattle or say anything bad about the other twin.The girls were also not allowed to play with other kids at this time even when given a chance Keri said no. Haylee felt she was the prettiest and smartest twin and when in regular school would have more friends and boyfriends and be more popular.Also Haylee was adamant that there were differences between her and her twin no matter what her mother Kari said.

I could not in any way get into this story. I use to always read VC andrews and this si nothing like her other books but it has been awhile since a seen a book out from her and read it or in this case tried. I use to love her stories even if they were twisted but boy was I disappointed with this one. Maybe someone else will like this .