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Great Story and Characters

Once Upon a Royal Christmas - Robin Bielman

Rowan was doing her part time job of dog walking four larger type dogs when she Spotted Prince Theodore Chenery but the dogs had spotted him also. Prince Theo was in Marietta to see his mother’s hometown and meet his grandparents for the very first time. The dogs had twisted all around o stop Rowan from falling on her butt. She did untangle the dogs and sincerely apologized to the Prince. The  stepped from a car and greeted Prince Theo. Several months ago Rowan had been given an assignment that should have set her career but she had forgotten to say she was a reporter  BIG MISTAKE  now she still had a job with the newspaper with a small column called The Pet Corner. Rowan considered herself a work in process but she needed to make things right and get everyone’s respect back. One of the dogs urinated on the prince’s leg and shoe and Rowan promised to return and get them cleaned. Theo was intrigues with Rowan but when he returned home his father would be announcing Theo’s engagement  To Elizabeth who was a friend but neither was romantic about the other. His older brother Otis and his wife could not have children so it was left to Theo to produce and heir. Theo went to see his grandparents and saw Rowan there and learned she lived in the cottage that had been his mother’s right down the drive from his grandparents. Theo’s grandparents clearly cared about Rowan and had known her most of her life. Theo’s grandparents were sweet people who had loved their daughter and was very happy to have Prince Theo there with them. Rowan was called into Emmaline’s office and told the Prince wanted Rowan to interview him. This was Rowan's chance to make things right if only Rowan could keep things professional and not about more personal things with the Prince.

I really loved this story. I loved how Otis wanted his younger brother to be happy and stand up to his dad if he really cared for Rowan and to marry for love like Otis had been able to. I was happy when Elizabeth called and said she loved another and maybe pregnant. I also loved how Rowan’s parents stood completely by her when she wanted to follow her passion and go for art. I also loved how Rowan loved painting a mural for the sick kids and wanted it perfect to cheer them up and wanted to go to more hospitals where kids were and do more murals. This was just all around a good read. I loved the plots, the characters, and the ins and outs of the story and I highly recommend.