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Great Story and Characters

To Love and to Cherish (Wedding Belles) - Lauren Layne

Alexis was sitting in a bar when an Englishman came up and offered to buy her a drink . His name was Logan and he had inherited a lot of money from his aunt, Logan had recently graduated from college. He got his MBA from Columbia. Logan was an accountant His parents wanted him to come back to England and run the family business but Logan just wasn’t ready to. Alexis had recently graduated and got her Masters in Marketing and Business Administration. Then alexis let Logan read her plan for Wedding Belles - her future wedding planning company.Alexis had thought about her business since she was twelve. Logan offers to fund Alexis to get her business up and running but he wants to own fifty percent of the business as a silent partner. Alexis turns him down but she does call him back and accepts his offer. That was several years ago and Wedding Belles was still in business and doing very good. But Alexis realizes she has no personal life. Then Logan kisses her out of nowhere and it was great but it could destroy their partnership. Alexis’s sister Roxy is pregnant and marrying Alexis's ex boyfriend Adam  who she had thought herself in love with  But Roxy and Adam have been together ten years now. Alexis was in Florida for the wedding and Logan shows up claiming to be Alexis’s boyfriend.

I loved everything about this story. Alexis finding out what she felt just before it was too late. Logan showing up in Florida where Roxy was getting married. Especially declaring to Alexis’s mom and stepmom he was her boyfriend was just excellent. I felt bad for Alexis when she had hurt over Adam and had to rebuild a relationship with her sister Roxy but evidently Roxy and Adam were meant to be. . I also like it even though he hurt himself and Alexis when Logan finally put down his footand walked away something had to wake Alexis if she did really care. This was a very good fun read. I loved the characters and a lot. I also loved the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.