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Great Story and Characters

Blood Bound - Traci Douglass

Anna was a fifth grade school teacher but she was in Salvation to try to get information about her twin sister Liz. This was a settlement of otherworlders - The Great Reveal had taken place a decade ago and other species had revealed themselves to humans. The Otherworlders even had their own governing body called The Council who made their laws and administered otherworlder justice when needed. Liz and Anna had been identical twins but opposite in personalities. But without Liz, Anna felt like some of herself was missing. Anna had started cutting her forearms again to feel something besides the guilt of her sister’s disappearance There was a bar called Seven where a MC hung out and when Anna mentioned this bar human law enforcement wanted nothing to do with her. So Anna had to investigate herself. The last time Anna had talked to Liz she had talked about Seven and the new man she meant but Liaz wouldn’t give his name. Then Liz’s calls had stopped and she used to call every Sunday at nine p.m. . Also the mental bond Liz and Anna shared had gone quiet. Anna had emailed inquiries and only received one answer from an addict “ Forget Seven and the Blood Ravangers, they are terminal”. As Anna entered Seven all activity ceased and everyone’s attention was on her. As Anna was inching back to the door to leave she heard a voice as her who she was then Anna passed out. The man caught her as she fell. When Anna came to  leave and not return but Anna said she had to find the leader of the Blood Ravagers as her sister had mentioned them and maybe he could tell her where Liz was. The man named Dante told Anna Liz was now beyond her reach. Dante somehow knew her secrets about cutting and her masochist side and her desire to be dominated.

I really enjoyed this story it really was totally awesome. I felt I was there in Salvation with Anna and Dante. For Anna to be in Seven after being warned about going back in showed how much she loved her sister and how loyal she was to her. Then to be with Dante even though he was half pain demon even though he was half human and that had a lot to do with who Dante really was. To want to free Dante’s type of species and make them accepted was a truly noble thing for Dante to want to achieve also for Liz to be on Dante’s side was great. I also loved the paranormal aspect of this story. I loved the characters and how they were portrayed and interacted. I loved the twists and turns of this story and I highly recommend.