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My Tempting Highlander: A Highland Hearts Novel - Maeve Greyson

Ronan had been cursed to shapeshift into a wolf. His mother was now a wolf and his friend Graham was a dragon shifter. Graham was a dragon by day and a man by night. Ronan had been summoned to go to the clan MacKenna and that Lady Mairi Sinclair was the woman to be his wife. The he found out by Chiefton Guy MacKenna it was the ‘old one’ - the Sinclair matraich who had demanded he come. Ronan would rather face a legion of MacKenna soldiers than a private sitting with Lady Nia Sinclair- Mairi’s grandmother. Then Ronan finds out Lady Mairi is in the twenty first century - Ronan is in the thirtenth century- and having a good time there. Ronan would have to go to the twenty first century to get Mairi. Mairi has a job as a nurse using her healing power to help  people. One day on her way to work she hit a wolf and Mairi brings the wolf home to heal him. Mairi is attracted to Ronan but doesn’t trust him and Ronan knows she the one but he keeps telling Mairi half truths even though she gave him a lot of chances to come clean.

I didn’t hate hate this story but it wasn’t a favorite of mine either. It just didn’t WOW me. Ronan was afraid he would lose the chance to break the curse he had been under for three hundred years. I didn’t like the was Mairi treated Ronan most of the time. I liked how Ronan cared for Miri even if he wasn’t completely honest with her. So much banked on her marrying him. The plot was good but I am not really into time travel stories. But I at least liked this one as far as the time travel goes. I am sure others will find this a completely enjoyable read.