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Seduced in September - Genevieve Turner

Adele was a governess desired Edward Coyne. When he touched her she felt heat. The old Duke ordered that the governess know how to rider a horse. Edward was to teach Adele how to ride. Even though he was a stable master. Adele was terrified of the horse so Edward put his hands on her and lifted her on the horse. Now Edward always put her on the horse even though she had she had daily lessons for awhile now. Then today he had let his hand go down her leg Thomas was Adele’s charge The old Duke had died but no one seemed to know what to do about the governess and her charge. Adele just wanted to lay low Women in the roles of governesses, ladies’ companions and woman in the other roles were not to speak their feelings. But there were ways to let them be known Adele was Mrs. Fairfield’s foster child and Adele was being molded into the perfect quiet English model of womanhood. As she worked away all the edges of her husband’s illegitimate daughter.

I couldn’t seem to get into this story. Maybe because this story dragged for me a lot in the beginning. Also Adele’s stepmother is trying so hard to turn her into a good woman so the stain of being illigitimacy didn’t stain her life. Also to let a man take liberties with her body she isn’t doing a good thing to let Edward continue. No matter how much she may have desired him. I maybe wrong but I just didn’t get drawn into this story.