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Good Story and Characters

A Taste of Scandal: Regency Rogues, Bad Boys, and Sexy Scoundrels - Megan Bryce, Elizabeth  Cole, Madelynne Ellis, Dawn Halliday, Vicki Hopkins, Suzanna Medeiros, Kate Pearce, Sandra Schwab

A Taste Of Scandal   4 stars  

To Wed A Widow: Lady Howard has been wed five times and widowed five times. But it was purely bad luck This time she wants to get pregnant first and then marry so if nothing else she will at least have a child.

A Heartless Design:

Cordelia is determined not to get married . Cordedelia has a secret career in engineering. Then Sebestian has to search for documents that have come up missing in Cordelia’s home. She has no choice but to trust Sebestian.

Three Times The Scoundrel:

Fortuna was forced into marriage she then chooses to run away with Giles who is into free love.

The Sweet Revenge:

Isabel’s innocence was taken by the Earl of Leothail. Years later Isabel meets a lot of other women wronged by this same bad man. So the women plot for their revenge.

Dark Persuasion:

When he was a boy Patrick pushes a girl out of a tree and she ends up blind. After serving in the was Patrick has not forgotten what he had done as a boy and wants to make things right.

Loving The Marquess:

Loisa desperately wants to help her family. She is almost at the end of her rope and soon will lose teh home she and her siblings live in. All that she has left to  do is marry the man who had ruined Louisa’s family.

Educating Elizabeth:

Elizabeth is given to the Duke in payment for her stepfather owes. This starts a casual education for Elizabeth as a courtesan but things change.

Bewitched :

Amelia has her magic powers stripped from her she is then thrust into the season by her uncle. She meets Sebestian and doesn’t really like him until a love potion is involved,

I liked these stories some more than others naturally. So much in one book: a widow, a girl given to a Duke, a woman running from an arranged marriage, a spy, a love potion and more. I loved the different ins and outs of these stories and all the characters. I am pretty sure most everyone will find something they will enjoy reading in this set. I recommend.