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Good Story and Characters

Ancient Magic (Dragon's Gift: The Huntress) (Volume 1) - Linsey Hall

Frie Souls- share a piece of a dragon’s souls. That’s why Fire Souls could steal power and find treasure. You have to be careful using dragon sense if caught you will be put in the Prison for Magical Miscreants. When the three girls came to they had no memory of their past they only knew they had to run and hide and they were Fire Souls. Anytime any of the girls tried to remember anything from their past they had a horrible pain in their head so they gave up. So they decided to name themselves and there was : Cassiopeia or Cass and Phoenix or Nix and Delphinus or Del. The girls decided if they were asked why they could find things they would say they were Seekers is that is waht Seekers do find things. Nix was a conjurer, Cass could develop a huge fire ball that she could shoot out of the palms of her hands. Cass was also a Mirror Magr- they could reflect back the magic of any magical creature that they were with but it was temporary and the other being kept their power at all times. If the borrowed gift wasn’t used it could be used one time later. Del was a teleporter. Then ten years later the women who had been the girls with no memory were still together. They had a little that sold magical artifacts in one of the three cities that humans had no idea of . In these three cities only magical beings lived. Del was a demon hunter and that endured them to the Order Of The Magica   the government that ruled Magica. Cass and Del  were in the Temple Of Murreagh in Western Ireland. They were after the treasure of the temple which was the Chalice Of Youth. But after fire charms, moving rocks and a riddle there was still the Shadow demon to defeat that guarded the altar. Aidan who is the most powerful shifter came to Cass to help him trace a famous scroll. The scroll gives the details of all magical creatures and Cass and her sisters as Fire Souls would be revealed. Aidan sensed Cass had great magic she didn’t use. Soon it is apparent others are also looking for the scroll and will stop at nothing to find it’

I really enjoyed this story, I loved that Nix, Cass, and Del stayed close together. I like the plot alot. I also like that maybe Aidan and Cass will become a couple but it wasn’t an instant thing. Cass and Aidan still had to learn to trust each other. I liked the action in the story too. I loved the characters . I would have liked to have seen the three women/sisters interact more together. I did like the ins and outs of this story and I recommend