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Great Story and Characters

Jagger: Caldwell Brothers Series, Book 3 - MJ Fields, Chelsea Camaron, Joe Arden, Maxine Mitchell, Tantor Audio

Jagger’s father physically abused him and his mother and brothers. Tatianna is a young Russian girl who’s drunken father physically abuses her. Jagger hears a female being beat a lot and finally it was too much for him to take anymore then he finds out it is a young girl and Jagger knocks her father out. Jagger begs Tatianna to leave and take his card and if she needs anything to call him. But Jagger still keeps on eye on Tatianna. Tatianna had never known any kind of careing or love or someone that would do things just for her before Jagger. Jagger fights for money as it’s all he knowsTatianna doesn’t like Jagger to fight. Tatianna was seventeen almost eightteen when Jagger first helped her and Jagger was twenty two. Jagger gives Tatianna anickname of Totty . Totty was already an old soul after all she had already lived through. But Jagger her how different life could be and she could actually find happiness and love.

I love thuis story. I hated the abuse in it especially for Tatianna and Jagger’s mom. But I was happy when Jagger could take no more and helped Totty even though she waqs so scared. I was happy to see the feelings grow between Jagger and Totty. This is a terrific book that deals with a bad subjects that happens in America as well as all over the world. But the story also shows things can change and you can find love and happiness. I highly recommend.