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In Safe Hands - Leslie North

Damian had a horrific experience as a detective and he just couldn’t move on from it. Damian, his partner and other officers had been ambushed by the Russian Mafia. Damian’s partner is kiled and Damian is left damaged and with nightmares. Damian quits the police force and goes to work that protects people like Alexa Volkov who is in the Witness Protection Program Alexa is a Russian Mafia princess , Alexa’s mother was killed because of her father’s business she decides to give evidence of her father’s illegal dealings. Damian is immediately attracted to Alexa but his job comes first. Alexa is attracted to Damian also. Then the location of the safe house Alexa is in is leaked and Damian and Alexa go on the run. Damian has to keep Alexa safe.

I didn’t love this story bit I did like it. I would have liked to have more background on the Russian mob as well as Damian and Alexa. At times this was confusing with Alexa trying to protect her dad by his going to prison- Really does Alexa not realize what can happen in prison? But then i did laugh at times through out this story. The story did have: revenge, forbidden desire, Russian Mafia, Witness Protection Program, secrets. Mystery, danger, redemption, and more. There were also a lot of twists and turns. At times I was just confused.