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Good Story and Characters

Mad For Love - Elizabeth Essex

Marie/Mignon is the daughter of a French Art forger. Rory is an art expert that had been hired to investigate the authenticity of a famous statue. Mignon meets Rory when she tries to stop him from stealing one of her dads paintings. Rory is a supposed art thief. Mignon then decides Rory would be perfect to help her save her dad. Rory is attracted to Mignon and decides to try to help her.

This was a good short read. I liked this a lot and laughed at some parts. I didn’t like that Mignon’s dad put her in danger for his safety. And Mignon had to leave. But her dad was a lovable character. I liked all the characters a lot. I loved the ins and outs of this story. I would liked to have this a little longer but I do recommend.