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The Passenger - Lisa Lutz

Tanya had tried to resuscitate her husband Frank. They hadn’t been close in years. Tanya had been taking a shower when Frank died but she knew that wouldn’t be considered an alibi. If Tanya could go back in time she would have never have married Frank but she didn’t kill him. Tanya was having an affair with her chiropractor - Dr. Mike  She went to Dr. Mike when she wanted to forget. Her back had never been right since the accident and Dr. Mike toke over when Dr. Bill retired. Tanya had met Frank when she had been in town and stopped at Frank’s bar - Debois for a drink. Tanya also needed work and frank gave her a job. Tanya called Roland Oliver to get money and a new identification. She was to become Amelia Keen. Amanda meets Blue who is a bartender and willing to help Tanya as she has the same look in her eye as Tanya did. Then Tanya/ Amelia is on the go again as she had reorganized herself before.

I didn’t really enjoy this story. You had action but no real background to Tanya and it just seemed like she would eventually confuse her information and where she was suppose to be at a specific time. I didn’t like the cheating get a divorce than do what you want. There was just to much not said in this story with all it’s twists and turns.