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Good Story and Characters

Dangerous to Know: an unbroken heroes novel - Dawn Ryder

Bram’s passcode had been hacked. He was in the service and in Colonel Decain’s office. Bram had traced the Intel to his sisters house and that meant his sister Zoe could be the traitor. The Colonel did mention that Bram and his father’s record were impressive and he was sure Zoe was the same. Tim was like an uncle to Bram and his father’s friend since before Bram was born but Bram felt Tim was the traitor. Bram wa sin Afghanistan. Kagen is the head of the team the colonel was was having investigate the leak and bring the traitor forward Kegan lived in a world of shadows as that was the place in catching the bad people Kagen called Tyler for this assignment. Tyler felt Saxon and Vitus were going to get payback. Tyler had to secure his future . No matter what the consequences to Bram’s family. A congressman was in a position to to offer Tyler a secure future as long as the Hale brother’s were taken out then the senator would get his revenge. Tyler was determined to do this for the senator. Zoe’s friend was Roni and she seemed to be able to sense Zoe’s feelings when she tried and now Zoe qoes at a bar with her friend Roni and Zoe had been eyeing and had several little nicknames. When Saxon came up to talk to her but Zoe wasn’t interested. Then the man approached Zoe when she went outside to take Bram's call. Zoe was very attracted to this intimidating strong man. Mercer- the man- invited Zoe for a ride on his motorcycle. Mercer was a special ops agent and was suppose to gain Zoe's trust and see if she had a role in potential treason. As someone was selling military secrets. Mercer’s boss is Saxon whose brother Vitus who had rescued the senator’s daughter and then slept with her which really angered the senator.

.I liked this story but did have a few problems with it I felt the ending was to quick. Also this left some questions maybe to tie in another story. This was also confusing with all the characters brought in it . and toke a bit to figure out who was good and who wasn’t. But the plot was really good and the characters were great once figured out as far as I am concerned. I wasn’t to happy with how Mercer treated Zoe as he didn’t know if she was a traitor or not. Also I was not happy that Zoe toke it because of the hot and very sexy attraction as well as the sex itself. But that was part of the story. I loved the ins and outs and felt this still deserved a four and that is what i gave. I recommend.