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Sand and Sin (Seaside Heat) - Dani Jace

Jax is a Navy Seal and was getting on a helicopter when he was shot in the thigh. He lands in Norfolk, Va where he was to meet up with an old friend T J.  He stops at Trident which is a bar/ restaurant and meets Peri who is a bartender. But Jax was drinking whiskey on top of his pain pills for his injury and Peri finds him passed out and Peri ends up taking Jax to her home to sleep it off. Peri then agrees to to let Jax stay in her home awhile in exchange for some handy work done by Jax.Her teenage daughter Hailey is with Peri’s ex husband - an Navy commander visiting with him. Peri and Jax start a no strings arrangement especially since Jax’s home is three thousand miles away. Then Hailey and her dad are kidnapped and Jax is on the mission to rescue them.

I like this story but didn’t love it this was a good story just not a great story is for me. The story seems to drag in some spots and in other places it seemed to only be about hot sex scenes. This was a quick read and i did like the characters and the ins and outs of the story.