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Great Story and Characters

Christmas at the Castle (The Ever After series Book 3) - Melissa McClone

Kat is a vet and going to a bridesmaid in her BFF’s wedding who happened to be a royal in Europe. Kat had met Sophie fifteen years ago at camp

KooKoRomo when she had left her fishing pole on the grass and Sophie’s older brother Gill had gotten a hook in his ankle . Sophie had cried for help and Kat went to help her and did get the hook out of Gill’s ankle but Gill hadn’t liked Kat since. But Sophie and Kat became best friends immediately. Kat lived with her grandparents on a farm as her parents were in Africa doing research and that is where her parents passed away. Sophie was Kat’s first and only friend at the time of camp. Sophie was getting married at Christmas time. Sophie had a secret desire to see Kat married to her future brother-in-law Jamie her fiance’s older brother. Kat and Jamie became friends. Kat was learning another side of Gill. Gill also was starting to realize he had been wrong about Kat. Gill and his mother the queen had both believed she was coming to the wedding trying to find a royal that would marry her.

I absolutely loved this story, to see Gill change and actually care about Kat. This was a great fun read. The plot was also great. I also loved Gill’s dog Max he also added to the story. I loved all the characters they were just excellant in the way they were portrayed. I believe I have a new favorite book and will want to read moire from this author. I highly recommend.