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Dancing with Flames: A Dragon's Breath Novel (Volume 2) - Susan Illene

Earth collides with another dimension where dragons have been exiled for hundreds of years now the dragons can seek revenge. The dragons have been on earth four months. Bailey is a dragon hunter who is looking for the green dragon who has been taking children. Aidan is a red dragon shifter who has helped Bailey to train on her slaying skills. If Aidan gets caught helping Bailey it would mean he would be put to dearth.. But he secretly agrees to help Bailey find the green dragon that is taking the children. Aidan’s dad is the Pendragon and is dying and his children have tasks to perform to see which is the most fit to lead their clan and take their fathers place.  Bailey also has to learn more control ion her urges to kill every dragon she comes across.

I didn’t love this story but I didn’t hate it either. It just wasn’t a favorite of mine. I did love how Aidan chances his life to help Bailey find a very bad dragon and hopefully the children he had been taking. I also loved how Aidan cared for her even though he was a dragon shifter and she was human and a dragon slayer. Vut they overcome everything and helped each other. I liked the characters and the plot. This just didn’t WOW me.