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Good Story and Characters

The Billionaire's Stubborn Lover (The Maxfield Brothers Series Book 3) - Leslie North

Angie was the CEO of Duncan Enterprises and was married to Nathan’s oldest brother Stephan. Gabe was Nathan’s middle brother and married one of Nathan’s ex girlfriends Daisy but with Nathan’s blessings. Since Gabe had married he seemed less uptight and was easier to be around . Nathan had been called back to the family business by his dad Duncan as was Gabe. Nathan was a green architect. Carolina was twenty four and had  been married three times and divorced three times and had a child from each marriage. She also ran her mother’s restaurant Her mother Maria was in a wheelchair and had not been to her restaurant in awhile. The Carolina was notified the restaurant is to be torn down by the owner and is looking for a new place to open another restaurant but she can’t find a place that is within their budget and will satisfy her mother. Nathan has started to ask Carolina out who is her brothers sister in law. But Carolina is afraid she has already been married three times and if the relationship went bad she would still see Nathan holidays and family get together as her sister was also very pregnant and soon to have Nathans and her niece. Nathan is even willing to Take Jasmine’s three kids Tamara, Julio, and Carlita on a date with them. Nathan gets close to Carolina and her kids. But then Nathan gets very busy with work and  has to break some dates. And Carolina feels they can’t make any kind of relationship really work and dumps Nathan.

I really enjoyed this story. At times it seemed a little slow but not to often. I loved Carolina kids they were just kids and very realistic. They were just kids, But I did get drawn into the story and felt like I was there. Some of the kids antics made me laugh which is always to a story. I love the plot and the writing. I also loved how no matter how busy there are they can charge  picks out some time to see each other and they didn’t have insta love  Nathan’s and Carolina  just grew into caring about each other without even realizing it. I loved the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.