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Good Story and Characters

His Jingle Bell Princess - Barbara Dunlop

Jasmine Arcelus was a Princess and in one months time on her birthday she would become Princess Royal. But Jasmine had a problem she froze when she was to give a speech such as the one she was suppose to give in NYC to a diplomatic audience. Jasmine had not said a word and she knew her father would be very unhappy with her when she returned Vollan. The private plane had a repair that needed to be done, it wouldn’t take long but had to be dome so the plane stopped at Tucker, Maine. Jasmine had said she was going to lay down there was a bedroom aboard the plane but instead decided a quick walk and fresh air would help more so Jasmine manages to get off the plane and isn’t seen. No one had checked for her and when she went in the airport her plane had already taken off and because of weather the airplane could not return right away. So Jasmine was stuck in Tucker until the blizzard cleared up/ A woman named Belle toke pity on Jasmine and toke Jasmine to her home. Belle’s son in law and twin granddaughters also lived with her as Sam her son in law had been widowed . It had almost been two years but Sam hadn’t healed yet Sam and KaKara had been HS sweethearts and had Sophie and Amelia who were nine. Sam had a problem getting through Christmas and was already dreading this holiday season but he must try to be cheerful for his girls. Sam was a carpenter and had plenty of work and could afford to take on help but refused he said he rather work by himself and he wanted to be left alone. Sam just ready to move on yet and resented anyone trying to help him get on with his life as he felt it was his fault that Kara was now gone. Brock was Sam’s best friend and he wanted to see Sam start living again. Sam could not understand why he was reacting to Jasmine  he felt like he had no right to react to someone else.So then Sam was pretty rude to Jasmine until Belle heard him and said something to him.Sam offered Jasmine some cold pizza and could not believe she had never had any. Jasmine wasn’t sure how much she should reveal about her self and her father and her identity. She did say she was from Vollen and her father was well known and the had land that had been passed down. But not her father was king and she was to someday be queen.  Sam was embarrassed when Belle said something with the way he was talking to Jasmine and he did apologize. Jasmine then said she should apologize as she was intruding on his family. Jasmine decided she would fins a hotel the next day if she could. Jasmine had lost her mom when she was six years old and her heart went out to Sophie and Amelia. Jasmine was attracted to Sam and was fighting it.

I like this story. In the beginning this story was a little slow but it does pick up and I ended up  really liking this story. The plot was very good, the characters were great especially Amelia and Sophie they really add to this story. I like how Jasmine got to lead a normal life even if only for a little while but also was one of the reasons Sam was starting to heal and she wanted to help if she could. Sam also knew he had to try to do better for his girls. I absolutely loved how the ending worked and I recommend.