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Great Story and Characters

A Royal Christmas Princess - Scarlet Wilson

Holly’s parents were now both dead and the hospital bills had taken all the money Holly had. This was the last Christmas in the house Holly had spent most of her life in. After this holiday season Holly would have to put the house on the market to sell she just couldn’t afford it even though she didn’t want to sell the house. Alfred was the crowned prince of Coronia and was very ill and Felix was looking for his heir as Felix was a distant relative and next in line if he couldn’t find Alfred’s daughter. Felix would do his duty if he had to but his life and work was in NYC. It turns out Holly is that lost heir. Holly agreed to go to Cornia with Felix if her identity wasn’t revealed as she didn’t feel she could lead a country especially one she had never heard of. She didn’t want any pressure on her she was stressed enough. As her whole world had changed and she had just learned she had been adopted at twenty five years old and neither adopted parent to talk to

This was an excellent Cinderella type of story and I really enjoyed it. You knew what was basically going to happen but loved the procession to the HEA for Holly. I loved how the people stood by Holly and all was explained and how the story ended. I also loved how Hollt interacted with the people of her new country especially the common man. I loved the plot, the characters, and the ins and outs of this story. I highly recommend.