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Good Story and Characters

Cursed (The Soulseer Chronicles) - Sue Tingey

Lucinda/Lucky has been marked by two different demons. Jinx who was the death demon and James whi was a guardian. Lucky thought that she was completely human but recently had been told Lord Beutheyer was her father and she was half demon and had a sister Kayla. There had been an attempt made on Lord Beutheyer life and since Kayla abd her guard had come up missing she was being blamed. Lucky, Jinx, James, and her guard Pyrites- who was a drakon who could grow to be a very large fire breathing dragon that could fly- where out to find Kayla. It had only taken Lord Beutheyer’s guards three days to find Lucky, Jinx, and James, so they better hurry to find Kayla especially since Lord Beutheyer was psychotic and cruel and you never knew what he would do. Without Jinx, James, and Pyrites Lucinda knew she would be lost. The last time Lucinda had went to her own world- Earth- she had only lasted five days alone. So Lucinda returned to the Underlands. Kayla’s seven guards had all been killed the only one to survive was Kayla’s lover Vaybian. Kayla herself  had been abducted. Jinx, James, Lucinda and Vaybia were all determined to find Kayla. First  Jinx sent a message by a raven to Lucinda’s two guardsmen Mr. Kerfuffle and Mr Shenanigand to come to them to protect Lucky.

I enjoyed this story alot. It dragged a little for me at times but not too bad. I liked the plot also. The characters were good and I also enjoyed them. I loved the way Jinx and James cared for and loved Lucky. I liked the way Jinx and James interacted with Lucky as well as each other. I loved the ins and outs and I recommend.