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Good Story and Characters

The Lost Soul of Lord Badewyn - Mia Marlowe

Mia was raised by con men and thieves Mia has the ability to find objects and people with her mind. Mia ran away from her uncle and cousin because they made her steal.. Then she draws the attention of the Duke of Camden  now Mia is under his protection and in the Order Of M U S E. The Duke had brought together men and women with special psychic abilities which form the Order. Meg can also astro project but can’t be out of her body too long or she will die.Meg had to leave Lord Camden’s estate because her uncle and cousin were coming after her. She is sent to Daniel’s castle - Lord Badewyn. Samuel is a watcher and also but also has the ability to see visions of the past, future, and present. Samuel sees the visions in reflective surfaces. - Lord Badewyn - Samuel’s father was a fallen angeland when one of his sons marries the father impregnants the wife who die during childbirth since sons of fallen angels can’t have children. Samuel falls in love with Meg but doesn’t want her to die.

This is a good story and has many things in it such as : curses, villians, passion, intrigue, hiding, evil family, danger, fallen angel, love and so much more. The beginning was a little slow but it did pick up. It was also funny at different points in the story. I like how Meg wanted to do good with her ability. She wants to help.  This was a different type of story but I did enjoy it alot. I loved all the characters except for the villians of course. I love the ins and outs and I recommend.