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Good Story and Characters

The Winter Laird: Mists of Fate - Book One - Nancy Scanlon

Briangh/Bri had taken almost two years to get to this day with Kriston. Briangh’s client Kristian had been her very most difficult client so far. Bri was a match makerand Kristian was a state senator’s daughter . Nathew had been suggesting to Bri what to wear the last few times they went out. Mathew had asked bri to marry him she had said okay but did not feel a glow like most newly engaged women more like a deal had been made. Bri had a dream lover that she got from different pieces from different romance novels she had read. Feeling overwelmed and not deriously happy Bri escapes to Ireland to just get away for awhile. Bri was given a broach by her aunt that was passed down to every engaged woman on that side of Bri’s family. It had a legacy also involving time travel. Then Bri finds herself in the fiftheenth century with Riley- her cousin Bri has been brought to this time to be Laird Nicholas MacWilliam’s wife. Then Bri and Nicholas agree to stay married for three months. There is an attraction between Nicholas and Bri. I really liked this story even though I an not a fan of time travel. This was well writen and had a very good plot for the most part. I liked the flow of the story especially how Bri wanted to escape from Mathew right after becoming engaged I liked the ins and outs of this story and i recommend.