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Good Story and Characters

Sirens in the Night - Michael   Bradley

Samantha Ballard’s partner was Peter Thornton who was a rookie and had been her partner for three months. Samantha often thought with her eyes closed but Peter was driving her crazyby interupting her with all his questions. When Samantha got to the crime scene she found three corpses. There was modern clothing on these mummified corpses. It actually looked like a hoax. Jack is a radio D J, he was once a minor celebrity but he made a mistake professionally and was now at the low end of his career. Samantha was still trying to proove herself in a male dominated field. Jack is no longer happy with his career- then more bodies show up yet somehow seem to have something to do with Jackas one of his friends ends up a victim.

I really enjoyed this story alot. It was a fast read and kept me interested through the whole story. Deffinitely a new twist with mummified bodies and with the supernatural element and loved it. This story had a great plot and the writing was good. I loved the characters of this story . I liked the ins and outs of the story alot. I recommend.