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Guild of Immortal Women - David Alan Morrison, H.L. Melvin

Detective Anthony Mathers Jr toke one last picture of the dead womens ankle tattoo. He didn’t want murder associated with the ladies. Elenor and the other women of the Bastile were regional icons. They were very generous with their family money to different charity causes. Anthony had never met anyone who disliked any of the Emerson family for the past hundred years. Janet worked for the Dept. of Forests and Parks. Lynn was the therapist at the Meadows a psychiatric hospital. Abby was a patient there who was just starting to get her memory back but Abbu was being released and going back home with her aunts to the Bastile. Lynn thought Abby should stay longer and Abby wanted to until she was shown a trinket by her Aunt Elanor then Abby became okay with leaving quickly. Then Abby’s aunts are trying to get Abby to quickly remember so the tapestry can be fixed that holds

This was a pretty good story. It did take me a while to be able to start to understand this story. This story did have alot to it: villians, time travel, dead “old” bodies, murder, mystery, insanity, some history, a broken tapestry, amnesia, action, magic, trechery, and alot more. The ending seemed a little rushed but did seem to leave an opening for another book but by doing so did leave some things unansweredand I didn’t really care for that. But I did enjoy the ins and outs.