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Great Story and Characters

The Lone Wolf's Child (Sons Of Silver Springs) - Patricia Rosemoor

Chance was a rodeo rider and had just won three competitions but was drawn home for a couple of reasons. Chance had told Pru he loved her and she had trusted him but then he left town again. This time Chance left behind more then Pru’s broken heart. Pru lived with her sister Justine and her husband Mitch and her two daugters and also Hope who was Chance’s- that he did not know about- and Pru’s young daughter. Pru refused to tell Chance about Hope just to see her daughter’s heart broke also but there was another deep seeded reasonn also. Pru had not heard from Chance in two and ahalf years.

This was a great story not only a romance but alot more. I loved how everything in the story came together : there was anforever love, a young child, danger, betrayal, a crime talked about in jest, warnings, family misunderstandings, a near death experience, a heart stopping yet brought back, a family coming back together, an federal agent, an upcoming trial, kidnapping, threats, supposid bad luck, a witness and so much more. I loved the fact how no matter what Pru loved her man and he her. Even when Pru wanted to stay away from Chance she loved him. I loved the plot and the ins and outs as well as the characters and I highly recommend.