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Good Story and Characters

Exhume (Dr. Schwartzman Series Book 1) - Danielle Girard

Dr Annabelle /Anna Schwartzman was a medical examiner - she was the one who decided if a death had been from natural causes or at the hand of another person. Anna had went to a girls night with her coworkers on the police force and this had given Anna a chance to talk to Homicide investigator Hailey Wyatt, to get to know her away from the job. Anna surprised herself and talked about Spencer - her abusive ex - who had left her isolated The lasttime she had gotten close to anyone was six and a half years ago in Medical School. Anna thought her and Hailey could become friends. Spencer had kept her isolated while they were married before she left him and even after as he had planted the idea in her head that he would always be close by. Anna hadn’t seen Spencer in seven years but he was stalking her. Anna had only been in San Francisco six months and Spencer had already found her. But Anna liked her life now and didn’t want to move yet again. But the phone calls had started and the creepy yellow flowers she hated showed up at her apartment door in a secured apartment building.

This was a very good story. The plot and writing were also very good. It seemed to drag a little at different times for me but it still held my interest to continue with the story. I would have liked it if we didn’t know who the killer or behind the killings was. But that was okay it was still very hard to proove and had alot of action. I liked most of the characters alot and loved the ins and outs of this story and I do recommend.