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Good Story and Characters

Along for the Ride (The Rosewoods Rock Star Series Book 1) - Katrina Abbott

Vanessa’s/Nessa  father- Tony Capri is a music producer. Vanessa didn’t like musicians and never dated them as she had seen musicins all through her life being around her dads business. One time not too long ago she had slipped and made out with Andres and she had left for a few minutes when she came back he was with another fan when Nessa said something to Andres then asked her if she wanted to join. That sealed the fate of her and musicians. Nessa was at her school’s talent show when she heard a very promising and talented musician named Dave. Nessa seem to have a ear for talented musicians like her dad even though she wanted nothing to do with that business, She did tell her dad Tony about Dave and Tony wanted him to come in and audition for him as he was putting together a new boy band and Tony was very strict on how the musicians he worked with had to act and present themselves. Nessa messaged Dave several times but he kept messageing back he wasn’t interested in auditioning. Nessa Best friend was Sandy who had a Vlog she loved maintaining . Tony does get his new boy band together and they are ready to tour when one of the members- Chris has an emergency surgery and Chris cannot tour for awhile until he gets better and dave does step in for Chris and starts the tour. Andres was also in the band to clean up his life and image which makes Nessa uncomfortable. Andres let Nessa know he remembered her. Andres finally talked seriously to Nessa and apologized and she accepted it.

I liked this story alot. It had a very good plotand the writing was also good. It was a sweet story but it had a couple of sad parts that i choked up on. What i didn’t particularilly like was the ending as to me it was more of a cliff hanger that’s why this is rated a four and not a five. I did love the ins and outs and I do recommend knowing about the ending.