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Great Story and Characters

Red Dog: An Evil Dead MC Story (The Evil Dead MC Series Book 6) - Nicole James

Red Dog/Dog was three hundred miles away from home when Shane called him to let Dog know Mary was out and dressed to find a man. Mary was Dog’s wife and she was at a nightclub. Shane forced Mary to go home and left, six hours after Dog talked to Shane he was home and no Mary and Dog’s son Billy was also gone. Dog’s wife was spunky and said whatever was on her mind even to Dog himself. Dog met Mary fourteen years ago. He had seen Mary dancing at Sonny’s Gentlemen Club - the Evil dead MC had an investment in the club and Dog was there to get the MC’s cut. A man was following Mary and Dog saw evil in the man’s face. Dog got to Mary’s apartment to find the man holding Mary at her car at knifepoint. That same night that Dog helped Mary they made love for the first time and basically were together every since. Mary and Dog both wanted kids but Mary had several miscarriages but finally they did have Billy. Then one summer several years ago Mary got pregnant and hadn’t told Dog she miscarried when Dog was away every since Mary had been pushing Dog away. Then Dog had sex with a woman at the club and Mary found out then told Dog she had miscarried again and that was why Mary had pushed him away and then grew distant. Dog felt without Mary he was nothing as Mary was the center of her world.

I loved this novella evrn though this was short it was well writen with a wonderful plot. I would like more background on the characters and the MC  maybe a future book. But really enjoyed what i did read. I liked the ins and outs and I highly recommend.