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Great Story and Characters

School Ties - Tamsen Parker

Erin is twenty  two and is a teacher in an all boys boarding school. Zach is in her homeroom. Erin notices Zach/Shep and he notices her and Zach thinks about Erin when he  is at his campus library job. Will another teacher is at the faculty get together at the headmaster’s home and walks over to talk to Erin. Erin had come to this school to follow in her grandfathers shoes. Although Erin’s grandfather was considered a legend by many. Will asked Erin if she would like to go for a walk and she leads him out the back way. Erin had grown up on the hill as she spent spring break  and Christmas  with her grandfather here and Erin had loved it as she didn’t have the wonderlust her dad had to his disappointment. Will and Erin walked to a building and when inside Will tried to push Erin way to fastthen when she stopped him Will did not bother to walk Erin home. Erin watched over a studyhall in the evening that you had to get a pass to be able to attend. And the students worked on different art projects. And Shep was in this study hall and he always waited until the end of the evening so when Erin closed up at eleven thirty pm he was there and walked her home. Shep looked forward to that time. For some reason Erin’s trasition into the school was easier then she thought it would be but she also beleived some how it had something to do with Shep. Erin also felt safe around Shep.

This was an excellant romance and I loved it. The plot was great and the story was very well writen. I became hooked to the story from the beginning and didn’t want to put this down. It kept my interest until the last page. I loved the characters they were absolutely awesome. There was some bondage and a slight S and M bite to it but nothing really bad in this. I loved the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.