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Great Book For The Holiday Season

Merry Cowboy Christmas (Lucky Penny Ranch) - Carolyn Brown

Fiona Logan comes home on Thanksgiving. This time, however, it’s to start her life over after a horrible divorce that forced her to leave her job. Almost to her family home, she loses control of her vehicle and meets Jud Dawson, who comes to her aid.

I’m not huge on contemporaries (movies or books), but for some reason I will binge-watch Christmas movies and find some Christmas stories to read. I just love the holiday spirit. This book encompassed everything I love about those movies. Fiona is a strong woman trying to start all over but hating having to come home and admit everything she’s been through. Jud is a hawt knight in shining armor who just wants her to love him. The author does a great job of giving you that small-town feel, inflicted with a lot of faith.

I really loved the book and highly recommend.

**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review