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Great Story and Characters

Everyone Pays - Seth Harwood

First call of the week was to an apartment in the marina. Claire who is a homecide inveswtigator and had spent four years on vice and has been called in. The victim was a male into S and M and bondage. And even had pictures of women he had tortured although one is missing picture is missing. This murder was personal and this time he was the one tortured. That evening Clara needed to blow off some steam and every since Jr H S had been her release valve. So she went to play basketball. Then the bodies begin to build up and all the victims have savagedly abused women. Clarire and her partner Hendricks were to find the Serial Killer.

I really liked this story it really pulled me right in  at the beginning of the story and kept me right until the end of the story. The murders were grizzly and gory but personal so the victims endured pain so they knew a little what they had given. Almost an eye for an eye type scenario. I liked the plot of this story also great writting some of the descriptions were pretty bad but also added to the story in a yukky way. The ins and outs were something else and I recommend.

I ewceived an ARC of this story fpr an honest review.