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Great Story and Characters

Youngblood: A Novel - Matt Gallagher

Lt Jack Porter had been in country five months and there had been no shots taken. Jack was with the twenty fifth infantry. He was stationed in Iraq in a town named Ashuriyah. Jack more than not had been acting platoon leader on missions as his higher up stayed more and more often at camp but he was to retire soon and had many tours behind him so Jack didn’t blame him. Jack had to deal wit 1) bribery and corruption on both sides but also 2) Sg Daniel Chamberswho has laready served several tours and tends to do what he wants. Chambers recently had killed one of an Iraqi’s favored goat for no other reason then it annoyed him. Also there is rumor Daniel killed two unarmed Iraqi citizens thinking they were jihedis that the military had been looking for. All Jack wants to do is get rid of Daniel Chambers. Jack has a relationship and is trying to help a sheikh’s daughter who had been involved with a soldier that had converted to Islam and wanted to marry her but then he got killed.

This story is haunting, powerful, and very painful to read { yet somehow compelling} showing both the soldier as well as the local people. If you want an idea what this war was like for both then read this story. You really get a good idea what it is like to be a soldier:at this time: the fear of death, and also IEDs, the friendships and other relationships, the exhaustion, and the heat. Also the long period of sharp focus to survive. Also soldiers know noone will understand what they went through enless they had been there. Also it shows the Iraqi people and what they thought to some degree and went through. The ins and outs of this story is something else and I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.