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Good Story and Characters

Six (Rules Undying Book 2) - R. E. Carr

Paige decided she was no longer going to be a doormat at work. But then the person she had to talk to was already gone for an early weekend. Paige worked at Schuler Sani Tech. Paige ended up having to work late and she and her boyfriend were suppose to go out but by the time she got done he had the guys over playing video games they ahd not really left page but one piece of pizza to eat for her dinner. Her boyfriend was Calvin. The next day Paige ran her mother - Maria- on errands. Maria questioned about Cal as she didn’t want to see her daughter divorced even though she was even engaged yet much less married. Then she mentioned how Paige’s dad was in town. Paige avoided her dad as much as she could as he did seem a little crazy. Paige ran into a friend from High School - Tina and got invited to a ritzy party. Paige goes and the party is full of beautiful people maybe too beautiful.Paige’s father turns up and tells her Vampires are real. But Maria had already told Paige he was going on about Vampires.

I really like this story. I like how Paige’s life went from boring and taking advantage of to a whole new world with supernatural beings. I thought the plot and writting was very good also.I loved the characters of this story. I really liked the ins and outs and I recommend this story.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.