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Fallen - Devyn Quinn

Adian used to be a vampire hunter. Then two vampires - Devon and Lilith came after him for killing a female vampire - Ariel and turned Adian into a vampire. Ariel’s sister kept Adian as a slave for a long time’ Then Adian gets a chance and kills Lilith and goes on a quest to kill Devon. Devon now has a wife and an unborn child and hopes he can protect them. On the way to find Devon Adian saves a human girl- Cassie from an abusive situation. Cassie is rich and alone and is also attracted to Adian and he to her.

I liked this story quiet a bit. It was a complex story and had a problem deciding who to root for. The ending  was not believable and I would have liked that different. The writing also seemed a little off to me. So I liked this but it wasn’t one of my favorites. I would have liked to given it a 3.5 I did like the ins and outs.

I received an Arc of this story for an honest review.