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Good Story and Characters

The Beekeeper's Son (The Amish of Bee County) - Kelly Irvin

Phineas is an Amish man and the beekeeper’s son. Phin was eight when riding in a van and a semi truck hit the van. Phin went through the windshield then got thrown up to the bumper of the truck and then was thrown down on the paved road. Phin’s mother had been killed and Phin had almost died as he had landed on his face. Some others that had been in the van also got hurt but nothing like Phin had. It had been twelve to thirteen years ago. Phin’s face and arms were really scarred up. Phin hadn’t talked very much before the accident but now he talked even less. Deborah had come with her mother Abigail and five siblings from Tennessee to Texas for an old boyfriend that Abigail had known before she married Deborah's father who had passed away. Phin does not believe anyone will ever see past his scars and is mainly a loner. Deborah is very homesick and wants to go back to Tennessee but wants to see her mother happy also.

I enjoyed this story alot. It wasn’t to long before you knew what this story was about and reminded you of which was a Beauty and The Best scenario Amish style. Also to have Phin refind his faith in God and for Deborah to follow God’s path for her. I enjoy Amish stories and really liked this one as it was a little different then most. Their was the extra challenge of Phin losing his mom so young and his scars and Deborah being so unhappy when she first got to Texas. I liked the ins and outs of this story alot and i recommend this story.

I received an Arc of this story for an honest review.