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Great Story and Characters

Gilt Hollow (Blink) - Lorie Langdon

Ashton had just got off of solitary confinement for fighting bullies who had problems with a thirteen year old who always beat them at basketball. Ashton had been here three years and eleven months and twenty nine days to be exact. Jay had been transferred who was one of the bullies and that wasn’t ordinary as Jay seemed to get away with anything short of murder since his uncle was the assistant warden at JJC. Ashton had beat up Jay and his buddies including DW who now stay away from Ashton without Jay there. None came or contacted Ashton since he had been there. Ashton had just learned his early release was approved. Ashton had a manslaughter conviction and had lost all his so called friends , the one girl he thought he could depend on and even his parents. Ashton had turned eighteen one week earlier. Ashton’s friend Daniel was who had died and Ashton was determined to prove he did not kill his friend and to discover who had really pushed Daniel to his death. Willow had been Ashton’s only true friend and she had made an enemy of Mrs Turano- Daniels mother- when Willow refused to admit to Ashton’s guilt. Willow had written Ashton but he had never written back. Willow’s mom had been made caretaker of Ashton’s home. Then Willow heard Ashton had been released.

Excellent story, I really really liked it. The plot was great as was the writing. I liked how Ash didn’t want to give up to find out who had killed his friend but he didn’t want to see anyone else get hurt or killed. I also like how Ash and Willow’s relationship developed and he did find out Willow had written him and had tried to stand by him. I loved the strength of both Ash and Willow showed and the caring and wanting both Ash and Willow to protect each other. I loved the characters and all the ins and outs and I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.