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Trusting the SEAL - Leslie North

Spencer’s brother Seal [ also Kyle’s brother] Nick had been killed and the team was falselt accused of conspiracy. Spencer and the team want to clear their name and find Nick’s killer. Coran Williams was a billionaire and a newspaper owner and a daughter who does Public Relations named Toni. All her life Toni had tried to get her fathers love and attention. Spencer wants the job of Toni’s body guard as he hopes to get information from her about her father. Spencer feels somehow Coran is tied into to this. Spencer gets the job and Toni gets two death threats and Spencer is determined to keep Toni safe. Coran had disappeared several months before. Toni and Spencer are attracted to each other but fight it but they go overseas and give in to their attraction.

I didn’t really care for this story. First of all chapter 4 and 5 were switched once I figured that out it helped a little after I read them in the correct order. I didn’t like the insta -love or lust as I call it, one time togther then back to the matter at hand and possibly be on opposite sides when it comes to Coran. But I will say the story did have alot to it: intrigue, hot Seals, attraction,danger, dangerous organizatrion, action, justice, gun shots, life threats, sacrifice, love, false accusations, and more. This is part of a series and it will help some if you read the stories in order. This story just wasn’t for me but did have some interesting elements.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.