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Great Story and Characters

Oxblood - AnnaLisa Grant

Victoria/Vic worked in a diner , her boss Sam was like family to her. Her brother was Gil and all she had for family as their parents had died in an airplane crash which left them with money but alone and Gil and Vic lived frugally. Only useing the money from the crash to pay for Gil going to law school. Vic had an on again on again boyfriend Chad for the last two years who was a mooch. Her best friend was Tiffaney who she worked with. Vic was having a birthday . Her brother Gil was on a student exchange program in Italy for six months. Gil emailed Vic every Sunday but not this one nor even a birthday wish. Vic got worried and contacted the university Gil attended and talked to one of his professors that Gil had mentioned and she was told their was no exchange program but if the professor heard from Gil he would let her know. Gil had sent Vic one of his journals which was very very strange as he let none see his journals. In the journal was the word Oxblood which was a family code word and Gil was in deep trouble. Even though Vic is terrified of planes she jumps on one to go to Italy. She goes to the hotel Gil had stayed in when Vic had last heard from Gil. A receptionist remembered Gil and said he had checked out two weeks ago. Then a man comes to Vic’s room puts a gun to her stomach and asks her why she was asking about Gil. It turns out Gil had lied to her and the man Ian who had come to his room. He told Ian he had noone at home. It turns out Gil was wotking with Ian who was a head of a team form a secret organization within Intyerpol and they were trying to take down a human trafficing ring. Vic refuses to leave Italy without Gil so Gil tries to give her as much training as he can in a short time. Then hopefully she can help find Gil. This was definitely a great story. I loved the action, suspense, non blood family, betrayal, lies, secrets , mystery, bravery, human trafficing, even a little romancebut so much more. The plot was excellantsome errors in grammer and spelling but an easy fix and didn’t detract from the story. I loved all the ins and outs from this awesome storyespecially those with Vic and I highly recommend. I received an ARC of thos story for an honest review.