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Great Story and Characters

Branded - Candace Havens

Callie was in jail because she had lied. Callie’s roommate was Bethany - at college-. Callie had never failed a class in high school but she had failed one this semester and she was put on acedemic probation. She had never even had a B before much less two d’s and an F in in finance and she was going for a business degree.  Her grandparents had built a empire and were waiting for her to take over. But in he rheart Callie wanted to be a writter.Now it was summer break and Cllie was to go home. One of her grandfsther’s workers met her at her grandparent’s private plane   her grandfather had sent to pick her up at college. Callie learned his name was COle and he was hot. Callie had stummbled and fell into Cole’s arms. It turned out Cole was taking over as the ranch’s manager as his uncle Charlie had gotten hurt and was in the hospital and this way Charlie would have his job when he was released to work again. Cole was raising his fifteen year old sister Adina. He had quit college when his mother got very sick from cancer and then passed away. After his mother had died Cole had Adina to worry about. Cole was attracted to Callie but she was the bosses granddaughter and he was a one night stand kinda guy. Callie had never reacted to a man before like she did Cole but he acted like he didn’t even like her.

I really enjoyed this story I absolutely loved it. A Cinderella type story only more Cinderfella to a degree vibe no evil steparent though. The plat was great as were the characters , I loved them all. The story just grabbed me right from the beginning and kept me until I had read the last page. I liked Adina’s part in thiss tory pulled it all together and Adina was so sweet. The story made you feel good or at least it did me. I was rooting for Callie and ZCole all the way through the story. I loved the ins and outs of this story and highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.