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Great Story and Characters

Wolf's Magic - Rebecca Royce

Azriel Kane is the fifth brother in the Westervelt royal brothers. He’s very different from his brothers. He prefers the lab and analytic rather than action and violence. He’s also hiding a secret about himself that would make him even more different from the rest. Leah St. James wakes up in wolf form, in a cage, with no memory at all. The only comfort is the man that stays in the lab where she’s being held.
This was a great addition to the Westervelt wolf series. I really felt for Leah as she tried to remember who she was and then what she had to deal with in the end. Poor Az. While all of the brothers were sculpted in a horrible manner by their father, I felt Az had it the worst. I was glad to see that he felt his difference finally seriously contributed to the pack and that he was able to find some happiness. I highly recommend.
**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review