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My Wild Irish Dragon (Boston Dragons) - Ashlyn Chase

Chloe Arish and Ryan Fiero are both out for the same position in a Boston fire department. After Chloe proves she’s just as capable as Ryan, the chief manages to get them both hired.  From then on, sparks fly between the two as they train together and eventually work together.

Ok, for the most part, this book was 3 stars. I liked Chloe and Ryan, not loved, but that’s ok. I liked the plot, even though there was no really big conflict and much of it was predictable. What made me give it only a 2 was one of the side characters. Without giving anything away, I basically hated Mother Nature. I didn’t like that the author mixed the Mother Nature character with a Greek Mythological character (this was forgivable), but I really didn’t like her interactions in the book at all and didn’t see why she was necessary. I also didn’t understand why she got mad when a supernatural character revealed themselves to another supernatural character. That made no sense to me at all. Then again, even though I know it’s a plot point, I didn’t get why supernaturals couldn’t recognize each other.

**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review