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This Love - Lea Darragh

Emerson/Em  lost her fiance Nathan on their wedding day there was a car accident and Nathan didn't make it.Adam Ethan's brother was driving and Jack Archer was driving the car that hit and killed Ethan. Eighteen months later Em had moved to Cobbler's cove. Em was an interior decorator. and was designing a restaurant for her Boss now friend Aubrey and her fiance Finn. Em had been brought up by parents who ignored her enless they wanted to criticize her. She was an only child and never been loved by her parents and as an adult really didn't have anything to do with her parents. Em was close to Ethan's family and his brother Adam wanted Em to be with him but that is not what Em wanted. Em was trying to live again and let go of the past. Ethan's parents had told it was okay to start living and dating again. Em knew Jack Archer was to be the new chef at Aubrey's restaurant and Em would have to deal with it. Em could see and sincerely knew Jack didn't mean for the accident to happen and suffered dearly for it. He had reasons to be rushing but that didn't make Jack feel any better. Em simply could not hate him it had been a terrible accident. 

I didn't care for this story I had read over half of it. In some ways it was too sad and simply reminded me how I had lost my 36 year old husband because of complications from an epileptic seizure. I knew about the pain that the had been portraying. This story just wasn't for me.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.