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The Sun Chaser - Dafni Ma

Nefli’s boyfriend was a Greek rock star named Ilios. Nefli had been with Ilios for two years now and Nefli loved him deeply. But they always did things Ilios wanted to do when and how he wanted to do them. Nefli’s best friend was Zoe. Nefli was finally asked to spend the night at Ilios’s place Nefli thought Ilios wanted to take their relationship to the next level but what he really wanted was a threesome with another girl who was a fan, Nefli flees from him and the girl and it was over but Nefli was deeply hurt. Her friend Zoe eventually talks her into going to L A in America - she lived in Greece- to meet another famous musician named John Sunny. At least Nefli liked John’s music unlike Ilios’s type of music. Nefli does get to meet John at a bar but instead of really talking to him she gets drunk and then he ends up giving her a ride  back to her hotel.

I didn’t understamd this young woman at all. Why would she leave her own country use all the money she had after leaving her job abd go to meet yet another star. This also was not anywhere near being realistic and then add in how she was treated by Ilios makes no sense to me that is for sure. I did read the whole book nut wasn’t impressed by it. But I believe some would enjoy thiss tory just not me.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review