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The Truth About Ellen - Sarah Louise Smith

Ellen was always tripping, falling, slipping, dropping things, breaking and losing things. Ellen had her present job for five months. Ellen’s favorite band was Four Ape and there was a rumor the band was getting back together. Ellen had went to Four Ape’s concerts, wore their tee shirts, she taped all their tv appearances. Ellen’s room had been covered in posters and magazine cutouts. Then when Ellen was eighteen Four Ape announced they were splitting up. Jasper of Four Ape wanted a solo career and he was the one Ellen had been crushing on.One night Ellen when Ellen was in London she saw Jasper and followed him to his hotel and got in the elevator with him and they got stuck in there for a little while and then Jasper invited her to the pent house with him. But Jasper asked  her not  to say nothing and Ellen kept her mouth shut. Then  Ellen just went on with her life. One day Ellen was called into her boss’s office and was told she was hired on permanently. However she would have to go to orientation at a different office. Ellen decides to make a weekend of it like a mini vacation and she runs into time while reading a book outside. Tom had been part of Four Ape. Ellen decided to play it cool as she was older now and didn’t let Tom know she  how big of a fan she was of Four Ape. Tom and Ellen become close quickly. Tom asks Ellen to move in with him. But then Four Ape gets back together and Jasper not only recognizes but remembers Ellen.

I like this story but it didn’t really WOW me. I never really had a celebrity crush. I liked different celebrities but didn’t go crazy about them no crush. But this story did explain in such a way that I did understand what Ellen felt. Ellen was a likeable person and I cheered her on. I liked the characters and the ins and outs of the story.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.