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Good Story and Characters

Just One Kiss (Kissed by the Bay Book 3) - Susan Hatler

Charlie had wanted to be an actress but gave that up for her husband Rex who then became a rock star. Then Charlie finds her husband with a groupie and decides to leave him. All Charlie wanted from the divorce was the house in her home town. But now financially she was hurting and finding it very hard to to keep the house. The producers of the soap opera wanted to rent her house for a good amount of money. Charlie had a celeb crush on Luke an actor in the soap but that was before Rex. She decided to have nothing to do with Luke or anyone famous. Luke is interested in Charlie. Luke had been acting since he was a teenager and was very famous now, There is a strong attraction between Charlie and Luke. Charlie is offered a role in the soap and that leads to an even bigger role. Luke is the leading man in the soap opera. Nut no one knew the real Luke.

I loved this story. It had a little bit of everything: heartbreak, monetary problems, dreams coming true, and so much more. I loved how Charlie would not write a book about her ex even though she needed money. I liked the plot of this story and felt the story was well written. I loved the ins snf outs of this story and I recommend. I would rate a 4.5 if i could as this was more than a four for me but not quiet a five.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.