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Knight of Rapture: a Druid Knight Story - Ruth A. Casie, Mallory Braus

Lord Arik’s wife was Rebeka. Arik was the great druid Grand Master. Fayne Manor was thriving and had been the family home for eleven centuries. Arik knows he has to teach Rebeka  Dark Magick so she could help defeat Bran but Aril knew Rebeka would be changed after she  had been taught about Dark Magick. Arik had left only one portal open so Rebeka had one opportunity to go back to the twenty first century . Rebeka was a sorceress and valued her independence and ability to determine her own destiny. Rebeka’s father had taken Rebeka to the future to protect her. Rebeka had been gone fifteen years and then four months ago she returned and fell into Arik’s arms. Now was the time to seal the portal as Rebeka said her place was with Arik and not the future. At nineteen it was announced Arik would be the next Grand Master . Arik and Rebeka were engaged. Bran and Cyn were to marry at the end of the year. But the next year Cyn got sick bran who was Arik’s brother got desperate and even used Dark Magick to make Cyn better but it didn’t work. Bran struck out at everyone and Maximilian who was Rebeka’s father toke Rebeka into the future. Maximilian told Arik he would be back in four months but Rebeka had not returned for fifteen years. Rebeka was going to watch Arik Train with his men but Bran pulled her into the portal.

This story was a good read. I’m just not into time travel. But the story is a good story for thr most part and those who like time travel. The plot was good as was the writing. The characters were very good and interesting. I did like the ins and outs of the story for the most part.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.