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Good Story and Characters

Wicked Ride - Rebecca Zanetti

Kellach/Kell was after the human who was stalking a woman  as she ran down a dark alley. Kell had been hanging out at an underground bar for almost a week but the dealer still got past Kell and the man was on the drug. Kell was a fire starter who could see fine in the dark. Then the man tried to burn Kell but his own fire protected Kell. Then the man started convulsing and died. Then the woman pulled a gun and pointed it at Kell’s head. She was Detective Alexandra /Lex Monzella. Lex’s father had been a drug dealer and was arrested when Lex was young and he was still in prison. So drugs had nearly ruined Lex’s childhood. As Lex passed out she thought she would be killed. Lex woke up in Fire which was the haven for the bachelors of the Titans Of Fire MC. Pyro was the president of the MC and had been for the last ten years. Kell was undercover in the MC. Kell called a cab for Lex but she angered Pyro and Kell pushed Lex into the cab and Lex arrested Kell so he went to the police station. Kell’s cousin Simone came three hours later [ Kell was immortal and his job was actually to protect Simone’s life] Simone’s main job was as a council member of the Coven Nine- ruling body for the entire witch species but Simone also multi-tasked. She had went to law school for fun and became a lawyer. Kell has called Simone as he needed her. There was a new drug called Apollo on the streets and it was deadly to witches and humans. Kell was undercover to find out who was supplying Apollo. Kell and Lex were attracted to each other. Kell had never reacted so hard to a human.

I loved this story, The plot was great and the characters where awesome. I liked how Kell was when around Lex. I also liked how Lex couldn’t help but not resist Kell. I loved the characters. I thought they were well conceived. I also like the background of the characters the author made sure we as readers understood her characters. I liked the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.