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In the Spinster's Bed - Sally MacKenzie

Belle was at the small village’s library reading when William came in calling her name, Belle pretended not to know William.After all he was eighteen the last time Belle had seen William who was now thirty eight. Belle had changed her name from Frost to Franklin, Belle had been the Vicar’s daughter and twenty years ago the Vicar had thrown her out of the house as she was unmarried and pregnant- by William but he didn’t know. William had known Belle when she was young and they used to roam the woods together. One day when William was home from Oxford William left his father’s home to get a break from his father and he came upon Belle reading Fanny Hill.Then William had kissed Belle and ended up taking her virginity and that started the few weeks Belle and William had shared.William had since married Hortense and both had betrayed each other so William came to hide at Love’s Bridge . Belle lived in a Spinster’s home and was the town Librarian But William knows who Belle is no matter what she says. But this time William is married even if he is in hiding. Then William is called away as his wife overdosed and has passed away.

I didn’t particularity care for this story. Neither William nor Belle are careful and scandal is right around the corner. Belle went back and William’s arms and got pregnant yet again and is guilty of committing adultery with him. I don’t like cheating of any kind in a story just me.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.